December 18, 2019 @ 7:00 PM



Pledge of Allegiance


Guest – Doug Irwin, CPA will go over our audit


  Consent Agenda will approve all three with one motion.

  • Board Minutes for November 2019

  • Treasurer’s Report for November 2019

  • Invoices Payable for December 2019

  • Motion _______ 2nd _______ Roll Call


  • Finance, Insurance, License & Fees – Ken Snyder

  • Water and Sewer – Sid Dev

  • Community Events & Building Permits - Barb Safiran

  • Ordinances and Garbage Collection – Sue Aldred

  • Police, Emergency Plan – Mandy Mueller

  • Public Works – Eugene Costin


  • Community Development Block Grant

  • NCICG Housing Grant

  • Burn Pile

  • Shelter in the Park

  • Solar

  • Ordinances

    • Cannabis Business Prohibition

    • Cannabis Business Zoning

    • Cannabis Retailers’ Occupation Tax




ADJOURNMENT MOTION ___________ 2ND ___________




Community Building @ 7PM

December 18, 2019


Attending board members: Mandy Donovan, Sue Aldred, Sid Dev, Barb Safiran, Ken Snyder, Gene Costin and Mayor Dave Mueller.


Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and roll call.


Guest – Douglas Irwin, CPA discussed our annual audit. It is much better, it has a clean opinion, no problems. The Assets are going up. All funds now have a positive cash flow, and the General fund now has a reasonable balance. Looking back over the past three years you wouldn’t know it was the same accounts. If everything continued going that it was three years ago, the Village would have collapsed.


Trent Johnson discussed the short in the Christmas lights. Cost per unit to replace garland, lights and labor is approximately $150.


November Board Minutes, November Special Meeting Minutes, November Treasurers’ Report and December Invoices payable

Motion to approve Gene Costin, 2nd Barb Safiran, roll call vote all ayes.


Finance, Insurance, License & Fees – Ken Snyder – Nothing to report.

Water and Sewer – Sid Dev/Markus Chapman – Everything working well with water and sewer departments. Chemical pumps need to be replaced. Sid Dev made a motion to purchase 2 chemical pumps @ $530 each and transfer $1,100 from Water Maintenance Fund. 2nd Sue Aldred, roll call vote, all ayes.

Community Events & Building Permits – Barb Safiran – No permits. Next event is Trivia Night on Saturday, February. 22, 2020.

Ordinances and Garbage Collection – Sue Aldred – Nothing to report.

Police, Emergency Plan – Mandy Donovan – Natural Disaster Assessment. NCICG will talk to us about the grant for this in March.

Public Works – Gene Costin – The backhoe needed repaired, approximate cost is $300. The tube was put in earlier this week.



Community Development Block Grant (CDBG Grant) – 212 N 1st Street – waiting on asbestos test results. NCICG will put our bids to tear down.

Housing Grant – waiting on information

Burn Pile – Will be open Saturday, January 4, 2020.

Shelter in the Park – We are starting to receive donations. We need to raise $55,000.

Solar – Jack Scott is not happy about the solar placement. Ken Snyder spoke with him one time but never told where the solar panels would be located.  Dave Mueller spoke with our engineer and got everything straightened out. Gene Costin made a motion to pay the additional cost of $7,500 out of the General fund to relocate the solar project. 2nd Mandy Mueller, roll call vote, all ayes.

Cannabis Ordinances – we are still working on them.

Sid Dev and Martin Engineering discussed assisting the Village with changing the signage on the edge of town. Sid will work with Martin Engineering to design the new signage.

Motion to Adjourn made by Gene Costin, 2nd Barb Safiran, motion carried.


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    PO Box 79
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