Community Building @ 7PM

February 19, 2020


Attending board members: Mandy Donovan, Sue Aldred, Barb Safiran, Sid Dev, Ken Snyder, Gene Costin and Mayor Dave Mueller.


Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and roll call.


January Board Minutes, February Treasurers’ Report and February Invoices payable

Motion to approve Gene Costin, 2nd Barb Safiran, roll call vote all ayes.


Finance, Insurance, License & Fees – Ken Snyder – Ken stated the lots next to the post office have not been sold yet.

Water and Sewer – Sid Dev/Markus Chapman – The new heater has been installed. Koener was at the sewer plant on Tuesday to check the electric. Everything should be ok.

Community Events & Building Permits – Barb Safiran – No permits. There was a question about putting gup a metal shed/semi-trailer for storage. The Village does not allow semi-trailers for storage. Trivia Night Saturday, February 22, 2020.

Ordinances and Garbage Collection – Sue Aldred – Trent will be putting an undercoating spray on the rails on the back of the garbage truck so they aren’t slippery when Dan holds on to them.

Police, Emergency Plan – Mandy Donovan – Nothing to report on the Police Department.

Public Works – Gene Costin – Motion was made by Gene Costin to purchase cold patch/winter mix to be put down next week, when it’s warmer. 2nd Ken Snyder, roll call vote all ayes.

On Tuesday, February 4, 2020, we had a phone/email vote on purchasing a new blade for the plow truck for $1,676.66. The old one was in extremely bad shape. 5 aye votes, 1 non-response vote.



Community Development Block Grant (CDBG Grant) – a house on Maple Avenue has been demolished for $6,500. This comes out of the clean up fund. Demolition is continuing to E. Elm Street.

We are waiting for a report on 120 Maple before we continue to that address.

Housing Grant – There will be a second round for applications on the Housing Grant. Anyone who hasn’t applied can do so in April or May. At that time, you will have to prove ownership and income.

Burn Pile – Will be open Saturday, March 14, 2020.

Shelter in the Park –Raised approximately $9,500. A GoFundMe page has been started. There will be announcements on the radio, Star Courier, and group mailings. Members: Mandy Donovan, Dave Mueller, Marty Golby, Gail Pickering, and Clint Block, attorney.

Solar – The board approved changing our yearly payment to monthly, all ayes. Our January bill is $112.95.

Mower repair – The lawn mower needs additional work. Original estimate was $1,572.19 approved by the board last month. An additional $1,021 is needed. Gene Costin made a motion to accept the additional cost, 2nd, Ken Snyder, roll call vote, all ayes.

Altorfer Generator Warranty – Sid made a motion to choose the 60-month $5,510 option. 2nd Sue Aldred, roll call vote all ayes.


Ordinance 756 – Mandy Donovan made a motion to accept ordinance 756 to enter into an agreement for the public infrastructure grant for the water system improvement. 2nd Barb Safiran, roll call vote, all ayes.

Ordinance 757 - Sid Dev made a motion to accept ordinance 757 to enter into an agreement for the housing rehabilitation grant to rehab 10 privately-owned single-family unit homes. 2nd Gene Costin, roll call vote, all ayes.


Martin Engineering would like to put in a volley ball court at the baseball diamond out side the fence. It will be measured to make sure there is enough room.


Kirk Dana said he would clean the lots between the post office and the corner for $1,000. This includes clean up and two loads of dirt. Gene Costin made a motion to approve this transaction, 2nd Barb Safiran, roll call vote all ayes.


Motion to Adjourn made by Gene Costin, 2nd Barb Safiran, motion carried.


    201 N 2nd St
    PO Box 79
    Neponset, Illinois 61345

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