January 20, 2021 @ 7:00 PM

Held on Zoom




Pledge of Allegiance



  Consent Agenda will approve all three with one motion.

  • Board Minutes for December 2020

  • Treasurer’s Report for December 2020

  • Invoices Payable for January 2021

  • Motion _______ 2nd _______ Roll Call



  • Finance, Insurance, License & Fees – Ken Snyder

  • Water and Sewer – Sid Dev

  • Community Events & Building Permits - Barb Safiran

  • Ordinances and Garbage Collection – Sue Aldred

  • Police, Emergency Plan – Mandy Mueller

  • Public Works – Eugene Costin



  • NCICG Housing Grant

  • Shelter in the Park/Veteran’s Memorial

  • Office back up



  • Quarterly calendar

  • Cures money

  • Cameras in the park



Executive Session – Personnel


ADJOURNMENT MOTION ___________ 2ND ___________



Zoom Meeting @ 7 PM

January 20, 2020


Attending board members: Barb Safiran, Sid Dev, Mandy Donovan, Ken Snyder, Gene Costin, and Mayor Dave Mueller. Sue Aldred Absent.


Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and roll call.


December Board Minutes, December Treasurers’ Report, and January Invoices payable

Add to unpaid bill’s list a bill from Martin Engineering for plow truck blade $184.04.

Motion to approve Barb Safiran, 2nd Gene Costin, roll call vote all ayes.


Finance, Insurance, License & Fees – Ken Snyder – Nothing to report.

Water and Sewer – Sid Dev/Markus Chapman – We shut off three (3) residents’ water due to non-payment.

Community Events & Building Permits – Barb Safiran – No permits. No community events. Kewanee High School band would like to participate in Neponset Picnic Day on June 12, 2021. Looking into purchasing new Christmas decorations for the Village. The Cruise’n has been moved to Friday, June 11th, the day before Picnic Day.

Ordinances and Garbage Collection – Sue Aldred – The garbage truck suspension was repaired. We are getting an estimate to replace the brakes.

Police, Emergency Plan – Mandy Donovan – Roy Carpenter is back to work and hopefully picking up some hours. Bodycam information coming soon.

Public Works – Eugene Costin – A new starter was installed on the plow truck. Gene will be the backup to drive the snowplow if we get a lot of snow on garbage day.



Housing Grant – four (4) inspections are scheduled for February 5, 2021, for housing. We have received approximately 13 applications.

Neponset Park Improvement – Balance is $27,379.97. Approximately $7000 is Veteran’s money.

Pump Station – There is a tube plugged south of the tracks by the Sugar Bowl.

Community Building – There had been a break-in attempt so locks were changed. Trent installed two (2) motion detector lights. Cameras are being installed to monitor the burn pile and the front and back of the Community Building. You can read license plates with these cameras. The cameras were approved at an earlier board meeting.

Water Bills – Water bills went out with a quarterly calendar with church services, Fire Department, Library meetings, etc. to let the residents know what's going on around town.

Cures – Cures money allowed $19,513. $91.50 for masks, sanitizer, and cleaner receipts were turned in. Police wages from March thru December 2020 totaled $9,748.50 was also submitted. Cole at NCICG is looking for ways for us to get the remaining $9,673.00


Barb Safiran made a motion to go into Executive Session, 2nd Sid Dev.

Sid Dev made a motion to go back into Regular Session 2nd Gene Costin.

Gene Costin made a motion to hire Lauri Mueller at $14 per hour, 2nd Sid Dev, Roll call vote, 4 ayes, 1 abstain.


A Motion to Adjourn made by Gene Costin, 2nd Sid Dev, motion carried.