Zoom Meeting

June 17, 2020 @ 7:00 PM




Pledge of Allegiance



  Consent Agenda will approve all three with one motion.

  • Board Minutes for May 2020

  • Treasurer’s Report for May 2020

  • Invoices Payable for June 2020

  • Motion _______ 2nd _______ Roll Call


  • Finance, Insurance, License & Fees – Ken Snyder

  • Water and Sewer – Sid Dev

  • Community Events & Building Permits - Barb Safiran

  • Ordinances and Garbage Collection – Sue Aldred

  • Police, Emergency Plan – Mandy Mueller

  • Public Works – Eugene Costin


  • Community Development Block Grant – on hold

  • NCICG Housing Grant – on hold

  • Shelter in the Park – on hold

  • Emergency Plan/Risk Management

  • Ordinance 758 – Abandoned Vehicles



  • Census

  • Public Alert System

  • Dumpsters



ADJOURNMENT MOTION ___________ 2ND ___________





Community Building @ 7PM

June 17, 2020


Attending board members: Barb Safiran, Mandy Donovan, Ken Snyder, Sid Dev, Gene Costin and Mayor Dave Mueller. Absent Sue Aldred. Meeting held on Zoom


Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and roll call.


May Board Minutes

Motion to approve Sid Dev, 2nd Mandy Donovan, roll call vote 4 ayes. Ken Snyder abstained from voting on the minutes since he was not on the May Zoom meeting.

June Treasurers’ Report and June Invoices payable

Motion to approve Barb Safiran, 2nd Ken Snyder, roll call vote all ayes.


Finance, Insurance, License & Fees – Ken Snyder – Nothing to report.

Water and Sewer – Sid Dev/Markus Chapman – We will be flushing hydrants south side of town on June 27th and north side of town on June 28th. Willett Hofmann will be here to confirm there are no cracks in Well #4. Markus Chapman is working with an electrician to get an option for power for the pumping station on the north side of town.

Community Events & Building Permits – Barb Safiran – Nothing to report.

Ordinances and Garbage Collection – Sue Aldred – Trent has additional help during cleanup days picking up steel. The steel is taken to scrap, the money received from this goes into the tool fund for the water department. Clean up days are going well.

Police, Emergency Plan – Mandy Donovan – The Police department will be keeping an activity log. Roy Carpenter is out due to an injury. The other police officers can work his hours, but not more the 45 hours per pay period. Normal police hours are no more than 30 hours per pay period. A resident was notified that he was not allowed to put his trash in the gas stations dumpster.

Public Works – Eugene Costin – Discussed road work to be done.



Community Development Block Grant (CDBG Grant) – On hold.

Housing Grant – On hold.

Shelter in the Park – Met in Atkinson to look at Veteran’s Memorial. We’ve put a down payment on the monument. It will take about four (4) months to put in. The DNR grant doesn’t cover the Veterans Memorial, it will take approx. 8-10,000 out of the $15,000 raised. We will continue to raise money.

Ordinance 758 - Abandoned Vehicles – Motion to approve Ordinance 758 and Action sticker made by Barb Safiran, 2nd Mandy Donovan, roll call vote, all ayes.

Security Cameras – waiting for installation of the remaining cameras.

Census – National response is 61.4%, Illinois 66.1%, Bureau County 67.8%, Neponset 65.9%. The US Census impacts our community in many ways; school lunches and breakfast programs, highways, families in need, medical assistance, special education grants, Head Start, etc. Go to to see the entire list.

Public Alert System – Our new alert system will send alerts to every member in your household, using email, text messaging, and voice alerts via cell phone or landline. There will be informational alerts and emergency alerts. Examples are: lost pets, water line test, boil orders, community assistance garbage notices, etc. Please provide the Village with your current phone number or email so we can update our list. You can call or email the office to update your information.

Rebuild Illinois – Sid made a motion to give Vicki Permission to open a savings account for Rebuild Illinois money and to transfer money already received for Rebuild Illinois in the amount of $5,195.43 (deposited in the MFT fund). 2nd Ken Snyder, roll call vote, all ayes.

Motor Fuel Tax Budget – MFT budget was approved by IDOT on June 11, 2020.


Motion to Adjourn made by Gene Costin, 2nd Barb Safiran, motion carried.