September 18, 2019 @ 7:00 PM



Pledge of Allegiance


  Consent Agenda will approve all three with one motion.

  • Board Minutes for August 2019

  • Treasurer’s Report for August 2019

  • Invoices Payable for September 2019

  • Motion _______ 2nd _______ Roll Call


  • Public Works – Eugene Costin

  • Police, Emergency Plan – Mandy Mueller

  • Ordinances and Garbage Collection – Sue Aldred

  • Community Events & Building Permits - Barb Safiran

  • Water and Sewer – Sid Dev

  • Finance, Insurance, License & Fees – Ken Snyder


  • Community Development Block Grant

  • Intergovernmental Agreement/ Truck Plow and Spreader

  • NCICG Housing Grant

  • Burn Pile

  • Dog ordinance and tags

  • Shelter in the Park

  • Bob Williams Dirt

  • Solar


  • Dumpsters

  • Abilities Plus Shredding

  • Cemetery bushes

  • Ordinances

    • Cannabis Business Prohibition

    • Cannabis Business Zoning

    • Cannabis Retailers’ Occupation Tax

  • October Clean up days

  • Lots uptown



ADJOURNMENT MOTION ___________ 2ND ___________



Community Building @ 7PM

September 18, 2019


Attending board members: Sue Aldred, Barb Safiran, Mandy Donovan, Ken Snyder, Gene Costin, Sid Dev and Mayor Dave Mueller.


Meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and roll call.


August Board Minutes, August Treasurers’ Report and September Invoices payable

Motion to approve Gene Costin, 2nd Sid Dev, roll call all ayes.

Correction to the August board minutes: Old Business-Community Development Block Grant – should have read: 104 Norton Street is posted for demo.


Finance, Insurance, License & Fees – Ken Snyder – Trent will check the roof of the gazebo. It was approved that the landowner will reimburse the purchase of the culvert.

Water and Sewer – Sid Dev – The modem system will be upgraded to 4G before the end of the year. Issues on water tower with NBS. They scratched the paint and still do not have their wiring in conduit. This is not acceptable by the grant regulations. They also leave the access door unlocked. From now on they will have to contact Markus to get the key. The light on top of the water tower doesn’t work since NBS has been on the tower.

Community Events & Building Permits – Barb Safiran – two garage permits. Starting to get ready for the Halloween Party.

Ordinances and Garbage Collection – Sue Aldred – Everything ok on garbage. Several complaints for ordinance 686, tall grass. We will start sending out letters for ordinance violations.

Police Emergency Plan – Mandy Donovan – Working on emergency plan. Also, police will fill out an activity log while on duty. They will also be more visible.

Public Works – Gene Costin – Trent dug culvert on Elm Street. Will continue patching.


Community Development Block Grant (CDBG Grant) – 104 Norton Street is posted for demo. We are waiting for the historical background, then we can demolish. Since the property was posted it has been cleaned up.   

Intergovernmental Agreement – motion to approve the rates from IDOT was made by Sid Dev, 2nd Ken Snyder, roll call vote, all ayes.

Security Cameras – New Wave is starting to put up wiring for new cameras.

Housing Grant – our application has been submitted.

Burn Pile – Will be open Saturday, September 21st from 8am until 2pm. As soon as the fence is finished the burn pile will be open more often.

Dog Ordinance – Gene Costin made a motion to accept the Dog Ordinance, 2nd Mandy Donovan, motion carried.





Shelter in the Park – This 50/50 grant will be available next August. The committee for this grant will be doing fundraisers to help the Village with the cost. There will be an article in the newspaper next year. We are getting prices right now.

Solar – we have three estimates for putting in solar panels at the sewer plant. This is no cost to the Village. The village will receive lower utility bills then after 20 years the solar panels will be sold to the Village for $1. The life of the solar panels are 30 years.

Dumpsters - A motion was made by Sid Dev to purchase two dumpsters at $610 each, Gene Costin 2nd, roll call vote all ayes.

Shredding – Mandy made a motion to have Abilities Plus shred the old paperwork that we are allowed to destroy. 2nd Barb Safiran, motion carried.

Cemetery trees – Trent will help Jack Scott cut down close to ground level at the south cemetery.

Clean up Days – North side of town will be October 15th. South side of town will be October 17th.

Lots uptown – Trent knocked down weeds. Martin Engineering will pay for putting in dirt and grass seed. To make the lots look nicer.

Legion – Gary Miller replaced the flag pole. He will leave the flags up until Veteran’s day. He is also having prisoners help put in permanent flag pole holders at the cemetery.

Legion is also putting on a Rib Supper November 1, 2019 at the Community building.


Motion to Adjourn made by Gene Costin, 2nd Sid Dev, motion carried.


    201 N 2nd St
    PO Box 79
    Neponset, Illinois 61345

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